Puretec NTR40-E Nitrate Removal Water Filter System

Puretec NTR40-E Nitrate Removal Water Filter System

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Puretec NTR40-E Nitrate Removal Water Filter System

  • Removes Nitrate found in groundwater
  • Required where nitrate levels >100 mg/L
  • Service flow 25 Lpm, 25mm connection

The Puretec NTR Series Water Filtration System takes the worry out of your water by reducing the nitrate levels to safe levels for human consumption. It utilises nitrate-selective ion-exchange resin to purify the water & automatically regenerates the resin with salt in the backwash process, providing exceptionally long resin life and minimal maintenance experience. (Salt not included.)

Nitrate is one of the most common groundwater contaminants in rural areas, originating primarily from fertilisers and septic systems. Nitrate is particularly harmful to babies & infants less than 3-6 months because excess levels can cause methemoglobinemia or ‘blue baby’ disease. The affected blood carries less oxygen than it should, turning the body blue and depriving it of oxygen. There are also studies linking nitrate in drinking water with cancer, where nitrate levels are at or above 100-200 mg/l.

Effective nitrate reduction is dependant on various factors indicating flow-rate and contact time.

  • Reduces nitrate levels in your water to safe, consumable levels.
  • Long resin life.
  • Minimal maintenance.


Ordering Code: NTR40-E3
Service Flow: 25 Lpm
Maximum Flow Rate: 50 Lpm
Connection: 1” Male BSPT, 3/4” Drain
Min/Max Pressure: 138 - 862 kPa
Operating Temperature: 0 - 48°C
Power Supply: 240V
Replacement Media Kits: RMK-NTR40
Warranty: 1 Year^

^Warranty is 1 year parts and labour, plus 1 year parts only.


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