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Puretec Irrigation Mesh Filter

Puretec Irrigation Mesh Filter

$30.11 $35.42 Save $15.62
Puretec Z7-R Z7 Replacement Water Purification Cartridge NZ
Carbon Block Maxi Plus Cartridge, 20 inch, 10um Online NZ
Puretec PX05MP2 Puretec Polyspun Sediment Water Purification Cartridge
Carbon Block Maxi Plus Cartridge, 10 inch, 10um Online Deals
Puretec HR-G9R4 Maintenance Kit suits Hybrid G9/R4 Series Water Filter Systems
PX05MP1 Puretec Polyspun Sediment Cartridge 10 Inch MP 5 Micron
PL20MP1 Puretec Pleated Sediment Cartridge 10 inch MP 20 Micron
Carbon Block Maxi Plus Cartridge, 20 inch, 5um
PX01MP2 Puretec Polyspun Sediment Cartridge 20 Inch MP 1 Micron Filter NZ
SPARQ-CO2-2 Puretec Disposable Gas Cylinder Twin Pack
PX01MP1 Puretec Polyspun Sediment Cartridge 10 Inch MP 1 Micron water filter
Puretec CR20 Caravan Water Filter with Brass Hose Connectors
Puretec PUREMIX-Z7 High Flow Undersink Water Filter System for Harsh Water
Puretec PL20MP2 Sediment Water Purification Cartridge
Puretec PL Series Pleated Sediment Cartridges  PL05MP2 5 Micron Maxiplus 4.5" x 20"

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Puretec are the purified water experts, providing water filtration solutions for home and business.

Experience the difference of having treated and purified water in your home using a Puretec water filter system. Enjoy the convenience and advantages of a water filter system in your everyday life with your family.

Turfrey supplies a big range of Puretec products including under sink water filter systems and whole house water supply filters.

We also stock replacement cartridges and spare parts. 

Puretec is renowned for its quality and after-sales support.