Puretec IL150Q Inline Fridge Silver Impregnated GAC Water Purification Cartridge

Puretec IL150Q Inline Fridge Water Purification Cartridge

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Puretec IL150Q Inline Fridge Water Purification Cartridge

  • Inline fridge filter cartridge, 1.9Lpm
  • Slimline design for limited spaces
  • 5 micron, 2" x 10" Silver impregnated (X4)

The Puretec IL150Q cartridge have a slimline design for situations where space is limited. Customers have come to rely upon this simple but dependable inline filter for a variety of used including ice machines, water coolers, drinking fountains, as well as under-the-sink applications and as components in reverse osmosis systems.

Superior engineering and production techniques are the keys to the success of the Puretec IL Series. Each filter utilises a unique spring disc that keeps media under ideal pressure, eliminating channelling and ensuring an equal distance linear path. Furthermore, no glues or binders that may cause contamination are used in the manufacturing process. Instead, components are friction-welded together, producing a reliable, no-leak seal.


Ordering Code: IL150Q
Connection: ¼” QC Tube
Size: 10” ¼
Micron Rating: 1


About Puretec

Puretec are the purified water experts, providing water filtration solutions for home and business.

Experience the difference of having treated and purified water in your home using a Puretec water filter system. Enjoy the convenience and advantages of a water filter system in your everyday life with your family.

Turfrey supplies a big range of Puretec products including under sink water filter systems and whole house water supply filters.

We also stock replacement cartridges and spare parts. 

Puretec is renowned for its quality and after-sales support.

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Customer Reviews

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I’ll probably be happy with the filter.. when it arrives.

Ordered on the 21st, got an email saying the order is processed the next day, then the order got dispatched on 1st of June. That’s almost two weeks.. just for an order to get picked up by courier. I donno how long the courier will take to delivery it. :/
A purchase from AliExpress took me 2 weeks, all the way from China to my door.
I was hoping for faster dispatch/delivery when shopping within nz.. 5 stars is for the quality of the product I’ve ordered. Not the service I’ve received.