Carbon Block Maxi Plus Cartridge, 20 inch, 5um

Puretec CB05MP2 Carbon Block Water Filtration Cartridge

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Product details

Puretec CB05MP2 Carbon Block Water Filtration Cartridge

  • MaxiPlus carbon block cartridge
  • 5 Micron replacement cartridge
  • 4.5" x 20" cartridge, 48 Lpm

The Puretec CB05MP2 water filter cartridge is highly effective in reducing taste, odour, chlorine and sediment. Lead, cyst, heavy metal, high turbidity and sulphur removal models are also available. The ultimate for beautiful drinking water.

The Puretec water purification CB05MP2 cartridge is constructed from bonded activated carbon, offering superior treatment of water with no release of carbon fines.


About Puretec

Puretec are the purified water experts, providing water filtration solutions for home and business.

Experience the difference of having treated and purified water in your home using a Puretec water filter system. Enjoy the convenience and advantages of a water filter system in your everyday life with your family.

Turfrey supplies a big range of Puretec products including under sink water filter systems and whole house water supply filters.

We also stock replacement cartridges and spare parts. 

Puretec is renowned for its quality and after-sales support.

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