Metro Wee Rad Woody Wood Fire

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Product details

The perfect solution to your indoor home heating needs. Experience the timeless appeal of a wood fire with our innovative wood burner that deliver optimal performance, these wood burners are designed to be both stylish and functional, enhancing the look of your home.

The Wee Series welcomes the arrival of the Wee Woody. Designed and built around the Wee Series firebox with a good capacity and convenient dry wood storage.

Clean Air Approved

  • Suitable for any size property
  • Can be installed into Clean Air Zones
  • The Metro wood fire is capable of heating 150m2 floor area
  • 15 Kilowatt Output Peak heat output with a Metro ECO Flue System fitted
  • Optional Wetback, the perfect solution to home heating and water heating.

Choose the best fire

Watching real flames, hearing and feeling the crackling heat have been the nicest features of a fire for thousands of years. The magic of a real fire has found its way back into our homes supported by ever increasing energy prices and climate issues. The Metro range of wood fires provides the genuine power of fire, the magic of its flames and the natural warmth it provides to the family home.

A Metro wood fire will do more than simply heat your home. It can also heat water, save on power bills, provide security against electricity restrictions or outages, and can also be used to cook on and boil water for drinking. Metro offer both clean air approved and LTD models which operate at very high efficiencies when installed with the Metro ECO Flue system. Add a Metro Climate Control System and maximise heat usage to warm your entire home. Eliminate condensation and dampness to provide a healthy dry environment for your family.

Minimum installation clearances with a Pioneer double flue shield fitted (mm):

271 708 580 506 200 232 400 120


851 825 1295 1066 425 365 555
Width Depth Height
Dimensions (mm) 615 501 758


About Metro

Metro Fires are NZ made and have wood burners to suit all New Zealand homes. Their comprehensive range of clean air approved, ultra-low emission, and LTD rural models operate at very high efficiencies when installed with the Metro ECO Flue system.

Metro’s fires are designed with clean-burning technology to deliver impressive heat output with very low emissions. A Metro wood fire is an excellent environmentally conscious heating choice and will make your home warmer, drier, and healthier.

Premium 10 year firebox warranty

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