Metro Rimu Medium Wall Ash Floor Protector Granite

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Metro Rimu Medium Wall Ash Floor Protector Granite

An ideal choice for your wood fire

  • 945mm Deep
  • 35mm x Dimension
  • 40mm Thickness

Stylish floor protectors for both wall and corner wood fire installations

  • Can be laid on top of carpet for quick and easy installation
  • Finished in three trim options - Alloy, pine and pacific rimu
  • The tile colours detailed below are indicative only

Consult your retailer for the full range of tile options available

Metro freestanding wood fires only require an ash hearth/floor protector and are tested and comply with the minimum floor protector requirements of AS/NZS 2918:2001.

Attractive, durable and cost effective, Pioneer floor protectors can be laid on top of existing carpet for quick and easy installation. Finished in black alloy, pine and pacific rimu trim with a range of tile colours.

Alloy floor protectors are offered with black tiles only. The black trim is a folded one-piece anodised aluminium extrusion which eliminates sharp corners and visible fixings.

Alloy floor protectors are available in four wall sizes and three corner sizes. \n \nPine floor protectors are offered in two wall sizes, two corner sizes and an Insert size.

Pacific rimu floor protectors are offered in two wall sizes and three corner sizes. The pine & pacific rimu floor protectors are enhanced with natural stains and are oiled, waxed and polished to bring out the natural timber grain and lustre. Both timber trim options are available in Pioneer’s full range of tile colours.


About Metro

Metro Fires are NZ made and have wood burners to suit all New Zealand homes. Their comprehensive range of clean air approved, ultra-low emission, and LTD rural models operate at very high efficiencies when installed with the Metro ECO Flue system.

Metro’s fires are designed with clean-burning technology to deliver impressive heat output with very low emissions. A Metro wood fire is an excellent environmentally conscious heating choice and will make your home warmer, drier, and healthier.

Premium 10 year firebox warranty

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