Kent Forbes Bench Top Wood Fire

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Kent Forbes Bench Top Wood Fire

Kent wood fires are the perfect solution to home heating. Our wood burner stoves are designed to be both stylish and functional, enhancing the look of your home. Transform your living space with the natural warmth and beauty of a wood fire

Kent Forbes Bench Top Wood Fire. Kent is a heritage wood fire brand; known for providing reliable, high quality, and affordable wood fires for New Zealand households for 40 years. 


  • Can be fitted to any regulation bench (steel, concrete, stone or other non-combustible material) making it easy to customise your home
  • Clean air approved mid-size radiant and convection wood fire
  • Traditional matt black design, 6mm steel
  • Vermiculite brick lined firebox
  • Multi-burn firebox helps wood burner glass remain clear
  • Steel plate top for cooking use
  • 15 year firebox warranty
  • Estimated maximum heat output: 18kW
  • Heats area up to 210m² (typically up to four standard rooms)
  • Average emission rate: 0.98g/kg
  • Overall average efficiency: 66%
  • ECAN Authorisation No. 181319

Wood is a renewable source of solid energy. Unlike other forms of solid energy such as coal, it is not a nett producer of carbon dioxide, a gas that some people believe is contributing to global warming or other detrimental environmental effects. Burning wood in a wood fire produces no more CO² than allowing the wood to rot in the forest.

Wood is a combination of solid and gaseous components. In order to burn properly, both components must be exposed to proper conditions. "Good wood" is a major contributing factor to the performance of a fire.

The solid component, basically the charcoal content, is the easiest to handle. Most controlled combustion wood firescan extract the heat from this quite readily. This charcoal component generally yields about 50% of the potential heating value of the wood. The gaseous components are harder to burn properly. If not burned properly, these gases can leave the fire as smoke, creosote and particles. Our engineers are now designing fires that extract as much of the usable heat out from the gases emitted by the fuel as possible and, by doing this,so limit the amount of emissions from the flue.

** Bench not included


About Kent

Kent is a heritage wood fire brand; known for providing reliable, high quality, and affordable wood fires for New Zealand households for 40 years. Over 400,000 homes have a Kent fire installed, no wonder the brand is synonymous with home heating for most New Zealanders.

The Kent heating brand began in the South Island in the early sixties, and rapidly made a name for itself as an innovative wood burner, due to its unique use of internal baffles to optimise the efficiency of the firebox.

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