Kent Cardrona Wood Fire

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Kent Cardrona Wood Fire

Discover the unbeatable comfort and warmth of a wood fire with our range of home heating options. Stay warm and cosy over the Winter months with this effective wood burner

Kent Cardrona Wood Fire Designed in New Zealand for over 30 years, we understand the importance wood fires play in heating our homes. We develop products that enable Kiwis to use this natural and renewable resource with minimal impact on the NZ environment.

  • Clean air-approved small-size radiant wood fire

  • Contemporary matt black design, 5mm steel

  • Vermiculite brick-lined firebox

  • Multi-burn firebox helps glass remain clear

  • Steel plate top for cooking use


  • Estimated maximum heat output - 14kW

  • Heats area up to 150m² (typically up to three standard rooms)

  • Average emission rate - 0.80g/kg

  • Overall average efficiency - 69%

  • ECAN Authorisation No. 165500

Will a wood fire heat my whole home?

The correctly sized wood fire for a home is important. Too large and it will be forever run on low causing poor combustion and creosote problems restricting the flue updraft. Too small and it will fail to generate sufficient heat to warm the area.

Kent always recommends a site check of the home by a certified fire installer before installation. Bear in mind that while the wood fire may generate sufficient heat it then has to be circulated throughout the home. If the house doesn’t allow natural dispersal of heat (e.g high ceilings, long hallways etc) circulation can be improved with a ceiling fan or heat transfer kit.

How often should I empty the ashes?

Due to the high efficiency of Kent wood fires, ash removal should only be necessary every few weeks. Ashes can be scooped up and removed easily through the door opening.

Kent wood fires work best when a small amount of ash (approximately 20mm deep) is left in the firebox after cleaning. This insulates the bottom and prevents the base of the wood fire from overheating and burning out. In fact, building up the ash bed helps extend the long burn cycle, while reducing the ash bed encourages greater heat output.


About Kent

Kent is a heritage wood fire brand; known for providing reliable, high quality, and affordable wood fires for New Zealand households for 40 years. Over 400,000 homes have a Kent fire installed, no wonder the brand is synonymous with home heating for most New Zealanders.

The Kent heating brand began in the South Island in the early sixties, and rapidly made a name for itself as an innovative wood burner, due to its unique use of internal baffles to optimise the efficiency of the firebox.

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Features & Specifications


  •  Clean air approved small-size radiant wood fire
  •  Contemporary matt black design, 5mm steel
  •  Vermiculite brick lined firebox
  •  Multi-burn firebox helps glass remain clear
  • Steel plate top for cooking use


  •  Estimated maximum heat output: 14kW
  •  Heats area up to 150m² (typically up to three standard rooms)
  •  Average emission rate: 0.80g/kg
  •  Overall average efficiency: 69%
  • ECAN Authorisation No. 165500

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