Hyundai Trench Compactor 10kN 80kg

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Hyundai Trench Compactor 10kN 80kg

This tamping rammer, with a tough 6.5HP engine, is the tool for the job anywhere you need real grunt. It’s ideal for working in tight spaces where you can’t get a plate compactor in, or on dry soil that’s hard to work with, as well as for trench work, backfill, and asphalt repair work. A smooth-operating throttle and anti-vibration handle help make easy work of the tough jobs, and its heavy duty frame, sturdy shoe and German-made bellows mean it’ll run for years trouble-free.

• Ideal for work in tight spaces or on dry soil
• Effectively compacts granular, mixed and cohesive soils
• Robust, reliable 6.5HP engine
• Laminated wood and steel shoe absorbs and withstands vibration shock
• Unique smooth-operating throttle
• German-made polyethylene bellows give a long service life
• Anti-vibration handle for operator comfort and safety
• Corrosion-resistant, high-density polyethylene fuel tank
• Heavy duty frame protects the engine
• Double air filters
• Weight-balanced for easy control
• 1 Year Warranty

Engine: 6.5HP petrol engine
Impact force: 10kN
Impacting frequency: 450-660 blows/min
Jump amplitude: 40-65mm/min
Fuel capacity: 2.0L
Shoe dimensions: 33 x 29cm
Weight (including engine): 80kg
Packaged Weight: 108kg
Dimension: L 0.8m x W 0.53 x H 1.21m


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