Grey Water Macerator Pump - 600

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Macerator Sanitary Pump 600

The Macerator Sanitary Pump 600 enables you to install a complete bathroom where conventional drainage is not possible or is too expensive to consider. The Macerator Sanitary Pump 600 is quiet in operation, and the pumping capability of up to 9m in height or 90m in length, gives you unequalled performance and total flexibility of installation. The system is fully automatic.

When activated (by flushing the toilet or opening a tap) the powerful electric motor rotates the macerator impellor at 2800rpm, shredding the effluent and discharging it through the 1-inch plastic solvent weld pipe to the main sewer.

• Easy service access
• Suitable for ensuite – sink, shower, bidet
• Easy maintenance without removal of unit
• Height of the inlet can be adjusted

• Power Supply: 220-240V AC, 50Hz
• Watts (consumption): 600W
• Discharge Pipe Diameter: 32mm
• Height of maximum discharge: 9metres
• Length of maximum discharge: 90metres
• Pump Dimensions (mm): L454 x W196 x H290

Item is brand new. Guaranteed 12-month warranty

Part No. 46906


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