Grandfire 18" Kamado on Stainless Steel Table GK23BC

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Grandfire 18" Kamado on Stainless Steel Table GK23BC

Grandfire Kamado Grill 18 in Stainless Steel Cabinet 

Supplied with Cabinet, Side Shelves, Heat Deflector, Pizza Stone and Tools. Colour: Black

The Grandfire Kamado Grill BBQ Oven, brings together these age old cooking cooking techniques and blends them with today’s technology. Once you try the Grandfire Kamado for yourself you’ll be amazed by its versatility and before long it will become the envy of your friends!

Stainless Steel Cabinet, The Stainless Steel cabinet is on lockable castors with stainless steel  shelves providing plenty of working space which conveniently drop down or remove for easy storage.

The GrandFire Kamado BBQ brings together these age old cooking techniques and blends them with todays technology. The amazing heat retention properties of ceramics enables temperatures up to 399 ̊Celsius meaning the GrandFire Kamado can be used for cooking meats, smoking fish and even baking!

  • Semi-circular Split Cooking System: Semi-Circular 304 S/S grates and 3-tier rack enable multiple different cooking options.

  • Semi-Circular Heat Control System: Semi-Circular adjustable ceramic heat deflectors provide combinations of direct or indirect heat, creating multiple different cooking styles in seconds.

  • Dome & Base Construction: Internal Heavy Duty Ceramic surrounded by a heat-resistant glaze coated outer shell, provides full protection from any harmful external heat build-up.

  • Quick Response Thermometer: Large quick response thermometer with dual temperature indicator.

  • Stainless Steel Side Shelves: provide more work space.

  • Temperature Control Top Vent: High Grade Stainless Steel top vent enables easy, responsive temperature control.

  • Stainless Steel Cabinet on Castors: Easily move your Kamado around inn the 304 Stainless steel cabinet, and lock into place using the XL castor, and in-place locking system.

  • Temperature Control Lower Vent with Ezi-Clean Ash System:Lower vent control allows for additional fast effective temperature control with an easy removable ashtray.

  • Heavy Duty Hinge & Bands: Heavy Duty 304 Stainless Steel Hinges and bands built to withstand heavy loads and tough environments.

  • Fire box: Heavy duty fire and heat resistant ceramic prevents structural cracking.

  • Bamboo Handle: Curved sleek design made from tough, sustainable bamboo, never gets hot to the touch.

  • Pizza stone: Perfectly sized ceramic pizza stone is included with every Grandfire Kamado.



About Grandfire

Grandfire is a leading specialist for Stainless Steel BBQs.

When it comes to stainless steel, no-one knows it better than Grandfire. Whether it is the grade, or the gauge, or the finish, Grand Fire know what works, what lasts, and what looks great - so when you own a Grandfire, you know you own the very best! Grandfire offer total outdoor cooking and entertainment solutions.

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Features & Specifications


  • Semi-circular Split Cooking System
  • Semi-Circular Heat Control System
  • Dome & Base Construction
  • Quick Response Thermometer
  • Bamboo Side Shelves
  • Temperature Control Top Vent
  • Stainless Steel Cart on Castors
  • Temperature Control Lower Vent with Ezi-Clean Ash System
  • Fire box
  • Bamboo Handle
  • Pizza stone