ENDURO Molasses Tank - Black

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Molasses tanks on New Zealand farms and in food-related businesses need to be solid and rigid. They have to handle the extra weight and viscosity of bulk molasses, and that’s what Promax tanks are designed and manufactured to do. Our range of heavy-duty molasses tanks includes Promax premium corrugated tanks and affordable Xpress tanks. No matter what you choose, and no matter the size, you can rest assured that your molasses storage is taken care of and in the strongest, most secure way.


The Promax Molasses Tank is from the range of heavy-duty plastic storage tanks that Promax offers. These molasses tanks are made of UV treated Polyethylene and have passed safety and durability standards.

These plastic tanks are specifically manufactured to look good, while providing better performance!

  • Side-Mounted Sight Glass for Easy Volume Monitoring
  • Heavy-duty UV Treated Polyethylene
  • Strong One-Piece Corrugated Construction
  • NZ Water Standards Compliant


Diameter 1600mm / Height 2690mm / Outlet 1 x 80mm




About Promax

Promax’s premium range includes corrugated ENDURO water storage tanks that are designed for optimum performance over many years. Meanwhile, the XPRESS water tanks are made from high-grade polyethylene plastic and gives you the Promax quality at an affordable price.

Turfrey supplies Promax water tanks in all sizes, shapes, and applications. Promax tanks are strong, durable and come in various sizes. With a selection of colours there is one that will fit with your landscape or building. Options for above and underground installation.

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