T-SKY Ultra Low Emission Wood Burner

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T-SKY Ultra Low Emission Wood Burner

The T-SKY  priced from $21,735.00 fully automatic air intake system controls fuel combustion to ensure maximum burn efficiency and a steady supply of radiated heat for hours after the fire is extinguished, the ultimate in ease of operation and comfort.

The T-SKY wood fire needs only to be filled with wood and ignited; its self-closing doors, patented automatic air supply, and top-down burning technology takes care of the rest.  One full firebox of wood sustains naturally radiated heat for more than 11-12 hours, such is the T-SKY’s operating precision and efficiency.

Thanks to its design and performance, the T-SKY also meets the requirements for low energy and passive house construction, drawing air externally from outside the building.

Other stunning features of the T-SKY Ultra-Low Emission Wood Fire by Tiba are:

  • Meets all NZ clean air standards including the strict CM1 (ULEB) standard.
  • Can be used in Rotorua, Nelson City in certain air sheds, Canterbury and Timaru.
  • Perfect for open-plan home designs and spaces with high studs
  • External air capability for min-energy or passive house
  • Eleven panel colour finish options
  • Heats up to 200 m2 space, or 300 m2 space in min-energy or passive houses
  • Very convenient height for loading wood
  • Set and light in the morning and repeat again in the evening for a permanently warm home.
  • Fully automatic system controls the amount of air the fire draws to give optimum burn efficiency
  • Immediate heat released through the front glass door, while passive heat is stored in concrete panels and released into the room for 11-12 hours after the fire burns out
  • Heat output during burn cycle 10.1kW.
  • 70 kgs more thermal mass than the T-ART Ultra-low Emission Wood Fire also by Tiba
  • Heat output to space over 9 hours, average 2.6kW per hour
  • Thermal storage capacity 16.8 kW
  • Conveniently placed ash pan that is very easy to empty
  • No flue shield required
  • 1646 mm in height

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T-SKY (380 kgs, 1646 mm in height) has a curved glass door.

Installation options – fixed, or on a 360° swivel.

Panel colours

  • White polished
  • Grey polished or raw
  • Black polished or raw
  • Beige polished or raw
  • Caramel polished or raw
  • Chocolate raw
  • Ruby raw


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