Iron Embers Pyramid Outdoor Fireplace & Grate

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Pyramid Outdoor Fireplace & Grate

The unique design and artistic appeal of the 4’ Pyramid makes it one of our most popular fire pits.

It comes equipped with a stainless-steel mesh screen that does not limit your view of the flames and gives you confidence that your fully enclosed fire is safe.

The front of the fireplace is opened with a stainless spring handle so that you can safely add wood to the fire. The raised floor of the Pyramid slopes down towards a central drain hole so that even after a rain storm your unit is ready to go.

The 4’ Pyramid is a beautiful, and functional fire pit suitable for any backyard or cottage outdoor living space!



Steel Thickness


Fire Volume


Number of Guests

5-8 fireside friends

10-Year Guarantee Policy

Iron Embers specialises in creating long-lasting outdoor fire pits and accessories for backyard and cottage lifestyles. We fabricate handcrafted products that will last a decade, and we stand behind the quality of each build with our 10-Year Guarantee! As an Iron Embers customer, we aim to support your fireside experience with best-in-class customer service for many years to come.


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