Challenger 225L Fridge/Freezer - Built in, 2-way

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Product details

225L Gas Fridge/Freezer - Built-In - 2way LPG/240V

This Challenger 225L 2-way Built-in Fridge/Freezer is our biggest built-in gas fridge. It is designed for caravans and motorhomes to fit seamlessly in with your decor. The door will accept a 4mm insert to suit customer interior.

Keep your favourite food cold on the road with a spacious, yet compact, built-in refrigerators. And the best part of it, this Challenger 225L built-in refrigerator is 2-way – LPG, 240V.

With its silent refrigeration (meaning no moving parts) there wont be any noise while you sleep

• 2-way: LPG, 240V (mains power)
• Largest built-in fridge/freezer available
• Automatic energy selection and gas ignition. On auto mode changes to 240V whenever available and back to Gas when no power available. Energy source can also be chosen manually. The control panel needs a 12V power supply, draws 0.07A when on 240V and 0.37A when running on gas. Automatic cooling fan activates if required, draws additional 0.23A
• Quick-lock mechanism on both doors, doors will stay closed while driving
• LPG flame failure safety device
• Electronic thermostat
• LED internal light in refrigerator
• Bars in front of shelves to prevent items from falling out
• Sliding divider on each door pocket
• Mounting Flange
• Requires venting – recommended a top and bottom vent
• Requires 12v for electric touchpad
• Door can be reversed, please ask if you want to purchase a door handle kit

• Gross capacity: 218 litres
• Freezer capacity: 48 litres
• Maximum Gas Consumption: 700g/24hr
• Rated power: AC 240 Volt
• Input Power: AC 300W / 50Hz
• Colour: Black Trim
• Weight: 63.5 kg
• Overall Dimensions: H 1524 X W 612 X D 640 mm
• Cut-out Dimensions: H 1505 X W 590 X D 620 mm

Item is brand new and guaranteed 12-month warranty


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