8x12ft (2.6x3.8m) Glasshouse 4mm Toughened Glass



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8x12ft (2.6x3.8m) Glasshouse 4mm Toughened Glass

Width                          2596mm (8ft approx)

Length                        3844mm (12ft approx)

Height (to gutter)        1620mm 

Height (to ridge)          2615mm

-Toughened Safety Glass is made to AS/NZS2208

-Longevity - Sturdy and durable, 25-year warranty 

-Clarity - Maximum light transmission and full colour spectrum. 

-Beauty - Timeless, classical look, adding value to any landscape.


*Please note: Glasshouses can only be delivered to your nearest Mainfreight Depot.

Building Note: For 10ft (3.2m) long and longer greenhouses, it is advisable to strop the sides together as you are putting in the G05H (side wall) panels. This will help keep them at a 90° angle to the ground, and keep the roof and sides from bowing as you assemble.

It is also advisable to add the rubber beading to each panel as you put them in place in the side wall panels.  Start with the base, putting the rubber into the bottom channel and work up the sides.  Then do the same for each roof panel. Adding rubber beading as you go will help stabilize the structure and lock it in place. 


Customer Reviews

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John Blackwell

I would very much like to review the glasshouse as you have stated, we paid for it 14 days ago and are still waiting for it to show up. We were told 7-10 days leadtime and realise that with Easter there were two short weeks but it would be good to have some insihgt as to a delivery date. As your branch is aware we want ot book in the installers so you could let us know what is going on we look forward to being able to review our several thousand dollar purchase for you.