4.0m Stainless steel Flue Kit

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Product details

2400 Kits include a 600mm long 250mm dia. Outer Casing and 250mm dia. Outer Casing Slip Extension 

4.0 metre 2400 kits also available with 1200 long 250mm dia. Outer Casing Slip Extension. Please specify when ordering.

4.0 metre kits meet the Flue Pipe height requirements of AS/NZS 2918:2001 (4.6m rule) for a standard 2.4m stud height and a Wood Burner height of 600mm or greater. 

Diagram illustrates 150 kit, with 2 piece Outer Casing Extension


Flue Kit Includes the following product:

3 x 1200mm lengths Flue Pipe

1 x 600mm length Flue Pipe

1 x 1200 length Outer/Inner Casing Combination

2 x 600mm length Outer Casing Extension

1 x Anti Down-Draught Combination Cowl

1 x Ceiling Plate

1 x Pkt Screws & Spacers


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