12V Boat & Car Wash Kit

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Product details

Portable Wash Down Kit - 12V

This kit is a pressurized spray. No installation required
The portable wash kit is simple and easy to use

The internal diaphragm pump will give you 4 litres of continuous, pressurized water per minute. You can water the garden, clean mold and mildew form the deck/pavers. You can even wash your; boat, bait board, truck or car with not effort at all

-Safe and Reliable
-Environmentally Friendly: Reduces up to 80% of water usage for normal car washing
-Pressurized water won't damage paint
-Kills Germs, suitable for use with germicides
-Compact and Portable
-Simple and Easy to use
-Reduces time and effort needed
-Adjustable spray trigger nozzle

-Voltage: 12Volts DC
-Current 8A

Package Contents
-Spray Trigger Gun
-Car Washing Brush
-Collapsible Water Tank


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