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  • Gemco has worked with Turfrey for the last 14 years using different aspects of their business to deliver high quality and at times difficult and challenging projects. Gemco has a long and lasting relationship with Turfrey and one that has worked well for both parties.

    Chris Olsen Director/General Manager, Gemco
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  • During 2020 Turfrey was awarded the metal and membrane roofing for the Kmart Store in Napier, a 5,500m2 building which saw height restraints on the building design making roof design somewhat challenging. From competitive tender to site management and project completion documents, Turfrey's quality and attention to the finest of details is outstanding.

    Jeremy Stead Director, Stead Construction
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Completed Projects

Turfrey are proud to have been an integral part of the construction and delivery of the following key projects in New Zealand, adding our skills and expertise in what are complex, yet exciting works.

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