Rinnai Infinity HD250 External LPG or NG

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Product details

Rinnai Infinity HD250 External

Temperature controlled continuous flow gas hot water system for external applications. Factory preset to 55°C.

Hot water capacity

2.4 to 37 litres per minute.

Suitable for

  • Commercial and domestic external applications
  • Applications requiring higher hot water temperatures, can be set up to 95°C
  • Mains and low pressure systems
  • Solar installations as a gas boost
  • Hard or acidic water will need to be treated in order to use this product

Gas type

Available for Natural Gas or LPG.

Specify gas type at time of purchase.

The following diagram has been provided to assist you in determining where (and if) an external continuous flow water heater can be positioned. If in doubt, prior to purchase, consult a licensed gasfitter.

  • Colour - Silver
  • Input - 250 MJ/h or 69 kW
  • Output - 59.9 kW
  • Efficiency - 81%
  • Energy Star Rating - 5.9

About Rinnai

Turfrey supplies Rinnai products that cover gas hot water heating and home heating. Rinnai’s gas home heating offer slimline modern options for NZ home’s living spaces. Their hot water gas heating solutions bring reliability and efficiency.

Rinnai’s innovative products are designed while considering the environment, with highly efficient technology and a host of other great features. For over 45 years Rinnai have been manufacturing products that are designed for reliable performance making lives comfortable, functional, and sustainable.

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